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Places to see in Cocle
Coclé is a province of central Panama on the nation's southern coast. The capital is the city of Penonomé. This province was created by the Act of September 12, 1855 with the title of Department of Coclé during the presidency of Dr. Justo de Arosemena. It became a province, Decretory Number 190, on October 20, 1985. Coclé is primarily an agricultural area, with sugar and tomatoes as major crops. The province has a number of well known beaches, such as Santa Clara, Farallon and Rio Hato, and tourist activity has increased in recent years.

Costa Blanca/Rio Hato

Royal Decameron Beach Resort, Golf, Spa & Casino

Royal Decameron Beach Resort, Golf, Spa, & Casino Panama offers a traditional All Inclusive experience and more. Located on 2 kilometers of secluded white sand beach, Royal Decameron boasts six large pools, 11 restaurants [8 a-la-carte], and 11 bars [including 1 swim up bar], all surrounded by lush gardens on a hill overlooking the Pacific ocean.

Decameron Resort in Costa Blanca Panama

Decameron Resort in Costa Blanca Panama

Decameron Resort in Costa Blanca Panama
When not relaxing on the beach or in our spa, you are invited to play a round on the on-site 18 hole golf course; take part in many organized activities, from volleyball to water aerobics; take advantage of many free non-motorized water-sports options; or tour the sites of Panama with an on-site tour group, Decameron Explorer.
At night, you can eat in one of 8 specialty restaurants while your children enjoy the nightly kids show. After dinner, take in the sites and sounds of Panama at the nightly show (see a different show every night for two weeks). Finally, you can play in the casino and dance the night away at the discothèque before retiring to your well appointed, comfortable guestroom. Royal Decameron Beach Resort, Golf, Spa, & Casino Panama truly offers everything and more necessary to make your trip a fantastic experience.

El Valle de Anton

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EL VALLE DE ANTON: Down, way down, in a valley surrounded by mist-wreathed mountaintops near this comfortable community, are the red tile roofs of miniature homes. But they are not in a valley and they are not so small, they are inside the 20 square kilometer crater of a volcano atop a mountain, the second-largest inhabited extinct volcano in the world. Surrounding them are sheer-sided, jungle-covered peaks that rise a further 600 feet. They are actually the rim walls left in place when the caldera collapsed and became the flat valley floor.

El Valle de Anton Panama


Penonomé is the capital of the Panamanian province of Coclé. Penonomé is located on the Zaratí river in central Coclé. The origin of the name of this town comes from the words "penó Nomé". Nome was a chief of a local native American tribe, who was put to death by the Spanish colonial officials. "Penó Nomé" means "Nome suffered." Penonome is one of Panama’s last undiscovered treasures. It is the capital city of the province of Cocle and boasts beautiful mountain views, crystal clear rivers. Penonome plays a very important role in Panama’s agricultural industry, and is home to many ranches, and orchards.


Penonome Panama

Penonome Panama

Penonome Panama

It is also an area rich in Indian history, and petroglyphs can be found throughout much of this area, specifically in the area of La Pintada.

Throughout Penonome one can find various typical Spanish Colonial towns that have remained virtually untouched over time, and still hold their old world charm and beauty.

The province of Cocle, in which Penonome is located is also very well known for its local hand made crafts which include Typical Hats, and folkloric items.

Penonome is also a very festive town and boast the aquatic carnivals, the orange festival, tomato festival, and the sugar cane festival.

The main town of Penonome is located roughly 2 hours from Panama City.


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Even though it is unknown when the city of Aguadulce was founded, in the Cocle province, it is known that it happened towards the end of 18th century and that it was baptized with the name San Juan Bautista de Aguadulce. Later it was officially founded on October 19, 1848 by order of the provincial chamber of Panama when it was still a part of Colombia. The city has been known for years as "the land of salt and sugar"("la tierra de la sal y el azúcar".) It has also been, throughout its history the capital of the province of Cocle.

Aguadulce Panama


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