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Places to see in Los Santos

Video de Tamborito en Carnaval de Panama


Guararé is located in the Los Santos (The Saints) province, and is surrounded by little towns such as El jobo, Bella Vista, Las Lagunitas, La Guaca, La Pacheca and La Enea. The name Guararé comes from the indian chief Guararí dating back to the spanish reign this part of the continent. This is a cute town that is known for its roots in the panamanian culture in which the pollera, the montuno and the music are the most important symbols. This town is also host to the Festival Nacional de La Mejorana, celebrated this year from September 20th to the 26th .

Guarare Festival de La Mejorana 2007

Las Tablas

The city of Las Tablas is the capitol of the Los Santos province. It is located on a plane about 12 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean and it has a port called Mensabé. It is hard to know when the city was founded, but tradition indicates that captain Jacinto Barahona founded it approximately on July 19, 1671. By 1721, the Santa Librada Church, a national monument, had already been built. Las Tablas is home to the best carnival celebration in the Republic of Panama.

Las Tablas Panama

Playa Venao

Playa Venao is a 3 mile long beach break, similar to Blacks Beach California, located 6 hours by car from Panama city. This spot catches just surfing waves from about every swell direction and is rarely under 4 feet tall and has seen waves as tall as 15 feet with a good swell. Venao is a popular spot for local surfers from Panama City and the town of Chitre, so on the weekends it sometimes gets somewhat crowded with as many as 20 surfers riding waves.

Playa Venao

Playa Venao Surfing




The town of Pedasí, on the Azuero Peninsula, is a small coastal fishing village nestled on green rolling hills that resemble the Tuscan region of Italy. The coastal roads of Pedasí wind around beautiful cliffs where you can see tide pools, beaches, and a traditional spanish hacienda every so often. The dramatic shores and the fame it has for its virgin fishing grounds have brought a select crowd of investors to this small fishing village, among then an extensive Hollywood crowd that have purchased land and houses in this city for their private enjoyment and investment.

Pedasi Panama



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