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Places to see in Chiriqui


Primeval rainforests bedecked with clouds, noisy, chattering birds flash brilliant iridescent colors as they dart about their daily chores, flowering epiphytes bloom en masse high above the forest floor while gurgling streams glisten and tumble hurriedly over great boulders in their dance towards the sea. This enchanted land is the Chiriqui Highlands, the part of the Cordillera Central that defines the northern border of the province of Chiriqui. It is a beautiful landscape of cloudforests, volcanic peaks, coffee plantations and home to most of Panama's Guaymi Indians.



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Fortune magazine's 2005 Retirement Guide selects Boquete as one of the 5 best places in the world to retire. Boquete used to be one of Panama's best kept secrets. All that changed in 2001 when the magazine of the American Association for Retired Persons also chose Boquete as one of the top places in the world for Americans to retire, a rating based on safety,beauty, climate and cost-of-living. A scenic mountain town in highlands of West Panama, Boquete is also a world class tourist destination-a flower-filled valley village with gourmet coffee farms on its slopes, spectacular mountain views and springlike weather year round.


David Panama

David is the third largest city in Panama and the capital of the Chiriqui province. It is a very convenient stop over point for several important destinations within Chiriqui, such as the flower and coffee highlands of Boquete and Cerro Punta. It is located 45 minutes from Paso Canoas, the border of Costa Rica and you can also drive to Bocas del Toro via David with your rental car.

The city of David is on the coastal plain. It is a market town and center for the thriving farming industry that is the main economic activity of the Chiriqui province. David is not quite a frontier town, but the feeling is there. It is a regional commercial and processing center. Raising cattle is the principal occupation in the region, but tropical fruits, coffee, cacao, and sugar are also produced. The city is surrounded by the beautiful and picturesque highlands of Chiriqui.

Video of Supermarket in David

David Panama

In the center of town you will find the central park. Here locals come to visit or just to relax under the shade of the trees. Street vendors will shine your shoes or sell you a cold drink, a freshly cracked coconut or the juice from sugar cane grounded on the spot. In March David hosts the Feria Internacional de David, where International companies exhibit their products and services to Panama. The Childrens Day Festival is held on or around July 17th every year.


Cerro Punta, Vocal & Bambito Panama

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Bambito is 18km (11 miles) N of Volcán; Cerro Punta is 7km (4 1/2 miles) from Bambito; Guadalupe is 2.5km (1 1/2 miles) from Cerro Punta. Bambito, Cerro Punta, and Guadalupe are three of a dozen or so tiny farming communities nestled in a bucolic, alpine paradise. The area is characterized by rugged hills and peaks cloaked in thick emerald forest that is speckled with flowers and interspersed with a patchwork of colorful fields. Bambito is just a sprinkling of homes and services along the road. Cerro Punta is located in the crater of an extinct volcano, and is the epicenter of agricultural production.

Cerro Punta Panama


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