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San Blas Islands

The islands of the San Blas Archipelago are strung out along the Caribbean coast of Panama from the Golfo de San Blas nearly all the way to the Colombian border. San Blas is a series of 378 islands of which only 49 are inhabited by the fiercely independent Kuna Indians. Although only a 20-minute plane ride away from Panama City, a trip to the San Blas islands will transport you 20 centuries into the past.

Kuna Indians -

San Blas Cabins -

The Kuna Indians, who run all the islands as an autonomous province, with minimal interference from the national government have maintained their own economic system, language, customs and culture, with distinctive dress, legends, music and dance and thus have avoided traditional tourism development.


The area is surrounded by reefs, some of the oldest in the world, and offer wonderful diving and snorkeling opportunities, the best of which are between the months of April and June.

The most interesting islands are Achutupu, Kagantupu and Coco Blanco. There are flights to several of the islands from Panama City or you can catch a ride with Kuna merchant ships from Colón, who will find the perfect island for your sunbathing and snorkeling pleasure.


San Blas Cruise Ship -

San Blas is famous for one of its arts and crafts, the mola. Kuna women make rainbow colored fabrics, emblazoned with fish, birds, jungle animals and geometric designs that would impress Picasso himself. The men still fish from canoes as they did before Columbus came. They still run up to the corner coconut palm trees for something fresh and cool to drink each morning, just as they have for untold centuries.

Hermit Crab In San Blas panama



El Porvenir
El Porvenir Hotel: 13 rooms. Tel: 221-1397

Nalunega Island
Hotel San Blas: 31 rooms, kuna style, 3 daily meals, tours around inhabited and uninhabited islands. radio communication. Tel: 655-25757

Wichub-Wala Island
Hotel Anai 20 rooms, Wooden floor and cane walls.Tel:239-3025.
Kuna Kishua Hotel. Five basic rooms. Tel:227-5308
Sugtupu With cabin like aspect, wooden floor and cone walls.

Ailigandi Island
La Palmera One story concrete building, With restaurant and bar. It belongs to the Town Cooperative Society.
Hotel Nargana 10 rooms; communication by radio. Hotel construction Kuno style.

Achutupo Island
Hotel Uaguitupo Cabins, restaurant, Bar.

Kuanidup Cabins, restaurant, bar.(Sidra River).

Iskardup Cabins, restaurant, bar.

Kwadule Eco-resort. 6 stand-alone cabinas and large restaurant. Tel: 269-6313


Special Events


PLAYON CHICO, TUPILE, AILIGANDI AND USTUPU Tule Revolution Anniversary. They present a dramatic feather of post battles, typical dances and drink fermented beverages.

March 19

NARGANA Patronal festivities in which western style dances are performed, there are regional and national dishes, there are also basketball competitions.

July 8

MULATUPO Inokina Anniversary. Typical dances and dishes, games and speeches.


July 29-31

FULIPE Patronal festivities, western style dances as well as typical dances, regional dishes.

San Blas Panama Town

August 20

NARGANA Charles Robinson Anniversary. Western style dances as well as typical dances, regional dishes.

September 3

USTUP0 Nele-Kantule, Dances, dishes, speeches, deceased eulogy.
September 1 TUWALA Yabilikiña Anniversary, dishes, typical dances, sport games and speeches.



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